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You shouldn’t have to wonder what's missing from your day to day client work. Say yes to this course and say goodbye to:

  • Spending too much time with clients upfront, only to have leads ghost you after you send your proposal
  • Stressing that if something happens to you, no one will know what you’re working on
  • Worrying that you’re oblivious to the things you’re supposed to be doing for your clients at this stage in your business
  • Struggling with what to put in your proposals, timelines, client welcome and completion kits
  • Figuring out how to follow up without being sales-y and upsell your services
  • Loosey-goosey boundaries that prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep
  • Speculating how you’ll ever increase your revenue if you can’t keep your current roster of clients happy
  • Wondering if there is an easier way to automate with ease (there is!)

It's time to stop scrambling with each new client and recreating different processes that never feel aligned. Finally implement a proven system that will lead to confidence and organization as you scale your business to bring on even more clients.

All The Templates + Tools as well as Swipe Files + Software Suggestions You’ll Ever Need to Elevate Your Client Experience

Nine Core Modules All In One Place

Develop the Right Mindset

How to Develop
the Right Mindset

How to Run a Successful Discovery Call

How to Run a Successful Discovery Call

How to Deliver a Proposal and Follow Up

How to Deliver a Proposal
and Follow Up

How to Onboard New Clients

How to Onboard
New Clients

How to Manage Ongoing Projects

How to Manage
Ongoing Projects

How to Get Paid Virtually

How to Get
Paid Virtually

How to Come to Completion

How to Come
to Completion

How to to Manage Your Leads

How to Manage
Your Leads

The Exact Software You Need

The Exact Software
You Need

I'm Krista Smith, your guide and teacher.

I'm passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs create clear  boundaries, systems, and processes for their business so that they can implement a client management system that will save them time, money, and headaches.

I've been teaching tech and supporting women entrepreneurs for almost 12 years. Back in 2009 when I started by business, I had no idea entrepreneurship would feel so rewarding.

Building on my early career in education as a teacher, I work with women over 40 and teach them how to get confident with the tech that will allow them to thrive online. I co-ran an online school teaching other women how to code and run a web design business for almost seven years. It was during this time, I honed my processes for managing clients and shared all that knowledge with my web design students.

My podcast, How Can This Be Easy, addresses the unique needs of my audience because they didn't grow up learning how to use technology.

I'm a StoryBrand certified guide, web designer and trained coach. I'm known for my ability to help you get out of your own way and I can take you from overwhelm to ease in minutes. Imagine my surprise when I had fellow StoryBrand Guides ask for a peek into my systems so they too can increase their productivity and stay organized.

I'm in my zone of genius when I can talk tech, teach what I know, coach you out of a log jam, and activate your own awesome. From Zero to HQ? It's got all of that. And more.

Each module is jam packed with a combination of easy-to-digest videos, scripts, email swipe files, demos with real clients, templates, and effective software solutions that will have you in the fast lane to sales city, starting today.

No more energy vampires hijacking your mojo (and your morning) because you’re stuck in ‘inbox overwhelm’. You’ll have clear boundaries for managing clients outside of your inbox.

No more feeling awkward that you need to do stuff for free when a client asks for something extra. You’ll know exactly what to say AND be able to confidently charge what you’re worth.

No more wasting time testing new software to use in onboarding and managing your clients. I’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t and, most importantly, why you need it.

You’ll have scripts and policies in place so clients will understand what happens to their project if they go radio silent or otherwise disengage.

You’ll feel more confident managing multiple projects & clients at once (because your business will soon be bustling!)

You’ll be able to trust that important details aren’t falling through the cracks. You’ll unlock the templates and tools to track all the important details.

You’ll discover how to address sticky situations upfront in a way that feels safe, confident and kind.

You’ll up-level your productivity with the set it and forget it systems you’ll put in place.

This comprehensive course will show you how to use the scripts, swipe files, templates, and software in my personal tech stack, to set up your own head quarters in as little as a long weekend.

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Nine Core Modules with videos, client demos, handouts, templates, scripts, and swipe files. (Value $3000)

Lifetime access to all course materials and updates. Whenever the tech changes, as it will, I will provide updated videos and new + better solutions I may be validating. (Value $1000)

Bonus #1 - My Complete Trello System for Your Own HQ (Value $350)

Bonus #2 - Professionally Designed Canva Proposal Template (Value $89)

Bonus #3 - Professionally Designed Canva Client Welcome Kit (Value $89)

Bonus #4 - Professionally Designed Canva Client Completion Kit (Value $89)

Bonus #5 - Masterclass on Getting and Publishing Killer Testimonials (Value $189)

Bonus #6 - The Scripts You Need // How to Say No With Calm Confidence, How to Break Up With a Client Respectfully, and How to Have a Difficult Conversation Without PowerPlays (Value $389).

Bonus #7 - 8 Professionally Written Email Templates that you can copy, customize, and paste into your own client onboarding workflows  (Value $897).



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